Like everyone if you also have some old luggage at home which you have just put in your store room or looking to throw away for making some space for something else to store, then why don`t you do some effort and use your old luggage to your benefit. There are lots of projects that can be made by reusing old luggage. The only thing you require is little creativity. Following are some reuse old luggage ideas that can help you in utilizing old suitcase in best possible way.

Wall Shelving

One of the easiest thing that you can do with the help of old luggage is to make a wall mounted shelving with them. The good thing about these shelves is that they are already decorated and you don`t have to decorate them again.

Bedside Table

If you are looking to replace your bedside table then you can reuse old luggage as bedside table. To make it look perfect the only thing that you require is an actual suitcase stand. You can make it on your own or can purchase from your nearby store.

Rolling Bar Cart

Next in line is to make a beautiful rolling bar cart with the help of old suitcase. You just have to remove the front of your suitcase and add some shelves and paneling in it and you are done with beautiful rolling bar cart.

Chair or Table

One of the easiest options when it comes to reuse old luggage is to make a table or chair from it. Making a comfortable chair is much easier. You can use the upper part of your suitcase and chair back and the lower portion as seat. You can also add padding to the lower portion for a comfortable seat. The only thing that you require is a chair stand which you may take from any broken chair.

Winters have just arrived and with the arrival of winters you can see that pinecone decorations become the focus of everyone. You can make different types of decoration with the help of pine cones depending upon your choice and requirements. Especially if you are decorating something outdoor, pine cone projects will help you a great deal. Following are some ideas that you can go for and surely will not be disappointed.
  • If you are arranging a Christmas party and you are looking for some new decoration style then pine cones will help you. Take a small planter and paint it in silver color. Now take few pine cones and paint them green and place them in those silver colored planters. Now place a silver star on top of pine cone. It will look fantastic and can easily serve as a center piece for your Christmas party.
  • Next pine cone project that you can make on easily is to take few pine cones. Cut the top of every pinecone and paint it pinecone with different bright colors. Now simply place them in a bowl and it will show as a beautiful blooming flowers bowl.
  • If you wanted to give a festive touch to your decorations then why don`t you use the pinecones with votive candle jars. It will surely add a beautiful effect to your overall decorations. You can put a candle in jar which will then be covered with pinecones, lace trim, snow covered rim and twine bow, this will add an old fashioned Christmas touch to your Christmas party which will surely be attractive for many.

These are few simple pine cone projects that you can easily do it on your own with minimum possible budget and requirements. So you can choose any of these for your Christmas party and make it a memorable one.

It is said that refinishing furniture will be a difficult and time consuming task, but when it’s done, all your hard work will be paid off because of the final outcome. So if you have some old furniture items and know how to paint then you should bring them to life again on coming weekend. You can easily paint the available items which will then be reused for different purposes. Like you can use them as benches or chairs in your garden, patio or even in your own room. Painted old furniture can become just like the same as new one, but its vintage style can add more charm to your interior decoration.

To start this project first of all you have to check that which furniture items are laying vacant and can be reused for good after painting. Once you decide those then you have to bring them out and do some repair if require. There may be some enlargements or broken pieces at some places which shall be repaired before you paint them. Once you do all the necessary repair you have to decide the color you wanted to paint them. This is important because you cannot select single color for every painted old furniture. For this you have to keep in mind the place where you wanted to put that furniture in future. The color of that should match your interior or exterior décor and color theme.

Once you decided about the color scheme for each painted old furniture item, you should start painting them. Make sure you start from the smallest item and move towards the larger ones because this can help you in reevaluating shortcomings if any. Once painted your old furniture becomes just like new and can be used anywhere you want. Good luck!

Making an outdoor bench is not very difficult task because of the options available in it. You can make it in different ways using different material as per your requirement. You can also choose to give it beautiful color of your liking hat can go well with your exterior decoration as well. It will be really nice fun activity to start a DIY outdoor bench project. Following are some easy ideas that can be helpful for you.

Modern Patio Bench

In case you are looking for some perfect bench for your patio, then this bench can solve your issue. You can go modern and make a small unique bench with reclaimed material. Because of the smaller size of bench it will be easy for you to move it from one place to another. It will be a nice addition to your outdoor seating

Comfort Bench

You wanted to sit in your garden to enjoy your time and relax so your outdoor bench project should be one that can provide you comfort. Why don`t you build a bench with the help of repurposed cinder blocks with a wooden bench seat and place some beautiful cushions on it so it will become comfortable. You can also paint the blocks with bright colors.

Unique Up-cycled Head-Board Bench

If you have an old head board available with you which you might have purchased from a sale at cheap then now is the time to bring it work. You can make a beautiful, unique up-cycled head board bench with it. You can take on this outdoor bench project to ensure a great seating facility as well as storage option, as you can also store your outdoor or garden tools under this bench. This will provide you an excellent storage facility without spending anything extra.

There are many DIY activities that don`t require much effort but there result and effectiveness is awesome. Same goes for the Mason jar pencil holder. This don`t require a lot of hard work but its result will be very much satisfying as you can use it as a decoration on your work table. Further you can easily able to carry it with you wherever you are moving. Good thing about making pencil holder with Mason jar is that you don`t have to purchase a lot of supplies. You will mostly find easily at home.

Supplies Required

  • Mason Jar
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Spray Paint

First of all you need to take a mason jar. You can take anyone as per your choice and availability. After getting the jar do wash it properly so that if there is something in it will be removed. After washing the Mason jar you should now keep it a side for getting dried. Till the time your jar is getting dried, you should look for some design that you wanted to paste on your jar. You may choose a picture or art work from any magazine, newspaper or can download from internet. After getting the image, you can cut it to the size of your Mason jar pencil holder. Make sure that you cut the image with full focus.

After cutting the image, you know have to paste it onto the Mason jar. This can be done with the help of glue gun. After pasting the image, to make it look attractive and real, you can also do spray paint the Mason jar pencil holder if you want. With this you are done with your project. You can know put all your pens and pencils in it and use it as a decorative element on your study table. Good luck!

Mostly in small apartments or rental places, the biggest problem that you face is that they don`t have enough storage spaces. So if you are also facing a shortage of storage space for your kid’s clothes, then there are some easy options that can help you to deal with shortage of space for kids’ clothes storage without being messy. The only thing that is required on your part is little creativity. You can easily use existing space for your advantage.

Bookshelf as clothes storage

No matter if you don`t have large closets in your kids room, there is another easy option that can be used. If you have an old bookshelf, why don`t you bring it your advantage. You just have to remove the middle shelves of your bookshelf, and add a closets hanging rod and start hanging your clothes in it. You can keep the bottom shelf in pace so that it can be used for storing little items. This is really a cost effective alternative of your closets.

Under Shelf Rail

Another easy kids’ clothes storage solution is to use a chic curtain rod under any shelf in your kids’ room. You just need to attach that rod and hang your clothes. It will give a modern baby boutique look to your kids. It is cost effective yet stylish solution that can be made within quick time.

Beaded Cloths Line

One more option that you can work on with ease is to make a beaded cloths line. You just have to purchase bead from your local store and make a string. It will ensure that your hangers will not slip down to the center of string. You can choose colorful beads to give attractive look to your kids clothing storage. This will hardly cost you few dollars.

Candles are one of those things that are mostly liked by everyone. They can make your home and environment look beautiful and cozier. There only drawback is that are costly but don`t last longer. On the other hand there is a good thing that you can make these candles on your own. If you have little interest in DIY activities you can make homemade candles easily. But before starting candle making, you have to know the safety steps, the biggest of all is that you don`t keep a burning candle unattended. So if you have to decide to make candles on your own, you should know that you don`t require a lot of material and supplies for making beautiful candles, further its supplies are mostly available at home.

Supplies Required

When you are making candles on your own, it help you in determining what material to use for homemade candle making and what to avoid. If you don`t like candle fragrance, then you can easily make candle without it. Further you can also use soy wax for keeping your air clean. The only compulsory component for candle making without which you won`t be able to make candles are: a container, wax and a wick, rest are all additional items that can be used or can be left out as per requirements.

How to Make Candles

First of all you need an electric stove or hot plate with which will be used for wax melting. Take a bowl and put the soy wax in it for melting. Now when your wax is melted and you are looking to pour in container, then make sure that you have already placed the wick in it. Hold wick in its place and pour the melted wax in container and let it consolidated for some time. This is how simple it is to make homemade candles.

Mostly people who live in small houses have to use their garage as their storeroom. This is also true for those who like doing DIY activities as they use their garage as their workshop for making different projects so they place their tools and supplies in there. When you store too many tools or material in your garage it will makes it look messy. So if you are suffering from the same situation why don`t you try to give your garage a much needed makeover. It can help you in saving some space which can be useful for future requirements. Following are some easy garage makeover projects that may help you in selecting the one that can fulfill your requirements.
  • First of all you should start with lifting things of ground so that you will get some space to work easily. For this you can make shelves and pegboards on the wall where you can place your tools and material. It will help you in making your ground free.
  • Once your floor gets clear of tools and material then you will be able to think of some ideas through which you can change the look of your floor. First of all you need to remove any sort of dirt or oil that fell on the floor and then you can paint it in beautiful colors. You can also choose a specific design to paint on the floor. It is one nice idea for garage makeover project.
  • If you have an old garage door, that need to be replaced, renovated or decorated, you can should do it. This is important because it will help you a great deal in giving a fresh new look to your garage. Similarly there are many other garage makeover projects that can help you in making your garage look a nice place to work.

Are you looking to install a new garden bench to your garden where you can sit and enjoy your time with family? If the answer is yes and you are looking for different options from where you can find the garden benches then why don`t you try making it on your own. This will not help you in saving some money, using your old home items but will also provide you a fun activity this weekend. It is a simple project that you can easily execute on your own. The only thing that is required on your part is to make sure that you know how to use woodworking tools. If you have little expertise in this then making a farmhouse garden bench will not be a problem for you.

You can make your garden bench with different material. There are many options available, you can use your old chairs, wooden pallets, wooden crates, or even with the help of wine barrels. All of these can be used for making farmhouse garden bench. The easiest among these options is to make a bench with the help of old chairs. This is easy because you are not required to do lot of cutting as well as fitting the material but it will require little repair and remodeling. You just have to attach the chairs two, three or even four depending upon the size of bench together. Make some repair if required. Remove their padding from the seat and place a wooden pallet on them as a joint bench seat. Now if you want you can put the padding again or can keep it simple as it is. The next step for making a beautiful farmhouse garden bench is to paint it in beautiful color. With this you are done with your project of making garden bench.

If you are looking to give a new look to your home and starting decoration and makeover activities then the first place from where you have to start this all is your doors. Your door makeover can change the look of whole house. It can also help you in updating your exterior as well as interior. If you are worried because of monetary position, then don`t worry at all there are many easy options with which you can do this makeover on your own without spending a lot of money. If you follow the instructions carefully and do your job with full focus, you will get the best possible end result near to perfection. Following are some important suggestions for your door makeover project.

When you are looking to give makeover to your door, you need to know that what color look good on your door. It also depends on the exterior décor as well as exterior paints for your building. Make sure that whatever paint color you choose for your garage, it should match overall design and décor of your house. If it will not then it gives a bad impression. Once you choose the paint color for door makeover you should start painting job. This is not a difficult job at all, especially if you are choosing a lighter color you can handle it well, but if you goes for some darker colors then you might need professional`s help.

Once you are done with painting of your door, you can then add some fun details like, you can make some designs on some sections of the door. For these designs you should prefer using bright colors as they will make your door makeover look appealing. Your selection of design or art will also have a huge impact on your door outlook.