39+ DIY Bamboo Projects That You Can Try

Bamboo is one of those materials that can be used for making different things from large scale architecture to small computer cases. You can easily find the bamboo tree growing around you, or you can also buy it for cheap from your local timber market. If you are looking to make some DIY projects than you should try to use bamboo sticks in it. Some of the DIY bamboo projects are as follows:

Bamboo Fence

One of the easiest and nicest projects that you can make using the bamboo is a bamboo fence. You can easily wire the bamboo sticks together for any length or any height what you want. You can put these easily in staggered pattern or in straight line. You can easily customize the bamboo fence depending upon your requirements.

Building a Bamboo Bike

Making a bicycle frame with the help of environment friendly, renewable and inexpensive bamboo is one of the easy projects to carry on. You can make this frame on your own and enjoy the ride.

Bamboo Transverse Flute

If you are music loving person, who love to use the musical instruments, then making a bamboo flute will be a great DIY bamboo project. Bamboo which is naturally hollow can make a great piece of flute.

Indoor Bamboo Privacy Screen

If you are having a large living or sitting room and you are looking to make a private space in it or you are looking for making division of space for performing different activities, then this indoor bamboo privacy screen is a great option. You can easily use this screen to protect your privacy. This DIY bamboo project can be made for cheap and without much of efforts. Further you can also reuse the bamboo sticks that are used in making of privacy screen.