Heart-Stopping DIY Living Fence Art Ideas

Are you in love with greenery around but living in a small space where you can’t have a lawn or garden that can fulfill your sitting in lawn feeling. If this is so, then why don`t you try DIY Living Fence Art? This is a great idea where you can utilize your home inner space to build green walls that can help you in getting better health quality as well as other health benefits.

Living Wall Planters

Now days you can easily find living wall planters from your local area nurseries or from online sources. The only thing is to make some good search. Once you get these living wall planters then you can hang these anywhere you want to create a customized personal feeling. When you hang it on the wall and plant blooms in it, then you just have to give water to it. Its moisture mat will distribute the water evenly to whole wall planter. You can change their position or rehang these wall planters to make DIY living fence art with changing seasons to give a different look.

Pallet Wall Planters

For this project you will require few wooden pallets. After getting the pallets you can attach these to the wall in such a way that it can give a planter shape where you can plant different blooms and small plants which can make your home environment beautiful and green. This surely makes a beautiful DIY living fence art with colorful blooms in it. Make sure that you also install a mud or metal try under the pallet planter so that if any water comes down the planter it will not go down to your floor and can be removed easily. You can also paint the planter as well as tray with such colors that can match your interior decorative style.