DIY Stepping Stones To Make Your House Stunning

If you are looking to give a personalized look to your garden you can do so with the help of certain DIY projects. One such project is DIY stepping stones. You can use these steppingstones on the walkways or as a path in your garden. You will be surprised to know that making these stepping stones is not a very difficult thing at all. To make these you will require following material and supplies.
  • A mold, you may use some reclaimed mold from your house or can purchase a plastic mold for stepping stone from your nearby craft shop.
  • Stepping stone concrete which you can easily find from the craft store.
  • A bucket and paint mixer that can be used for mixing the concrete. For this you can use some old bowl as well, that can be discarded when you done with your DIY stepping stone job.
  • Old newspaper, rubber gloves and a drop cloth. These are require to complete the task neatly.
  • You will require petroleum jelly or nonstick cooking spray for lining your mold. So that it can come out easily when it get harden.
  • Making of Stepping Stone
  • You should start making the DIY stepping stone outdoor, for this you should put a drop cloth and newspaper on ground.
  • Next step is the lining up of your mold with the help of petroleum jelly or cooking spray.
  • Now you are required to mix the concrete as per the instruction mentioned on the bad.
  • Transfer this mixture to into the mold.
  • If you want you can also add embellishments on to the top of stepping stone. For this you can use shells, leaves or other such objects.
  • You are almost done with your DIY stepping stone. Now just let it dry for 36 hours and then take it out of mold and place where it where you want.