Coolest DIY Storage Bins

Making storage bins with the help of up-cycle cardboard boxes on your own will be a great fun activity as well as it provides you great utility function. You can use these storage bins for storing your different items in an organized manner. These boxes will look stylish so you can easily place them as decoration pieces too. By utilizing these cardboard storage bins, you will forget those large vintage pallet wood crates that were used for storing different items at home. Another important thing for you to know is that you can make these DIY storage bins even without using complicated tools. You just need scissors and glue. So find some cardboards and start this project.

Supplies Required

  • Cardboard boxes of different sizes
  • Fabric like burlap which you can easily find from nearby store.
  • You will require glue sticks and hot glue gun.
  • For decorating your DIY storage bins, you can use craft paints or acrylic paints, duct tape, scotch tape.

First of all you need to push the lids inside the box against all four sided or can even cut them. You can decide about the way you want to use the burlap and on which side you exactly want it, this helps you in deciding about the measurement to cut the fabric. If you wanted the DIY storage bin to be covered with burlap from all three sides and bottom then you can cut it that way. You can attach it with the help of glue. Let the glue get drier. Once it get dries, you should start with stenciling. For this you can simply go for stripes that can be made with the help of tape. You can make the lines both horizontally and vertically. There are other patterns too that you can adopt as per your choice. With this you are done with your storage boxes now let’s start storing different items accordingly.