Breathtaking DIY Wall Decals Ideas

Walls decals are one of those things that are becoming popular with every passing day. If you look around you can see that many of your friends have wall decals in their houses or rooms where they put their favorite designs, pictures or sceneries as per their liking. So if you are also interested in making DIY wall decals for your room, then don`t hesitate, it is very easy thing to do. The only thing that is required from you is your focus otherwise you may not get the best possible result as per your expectations. To start this project you will require following supplies.
  • Contact Tape
  • Tape, you can take masking tape or painter`s tape that are easily visible as well as low-sticking
  • Marker or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Card
  • Large size scrap paper
  • Your design idea

To start implementing this project first thing that is required on your part is an idea that you wanted to convert as DIY wall decal. You can choose whatever design, painting, picture or any other thing to be converted as wall decal. Once you have the idea in mind then you should take a piece of contact paper and hold it firmly against the wall. Then you should peel it back up. You can use the plastic card for pressing it against the wall. Next thing is to draw your idea as sketch on scrap paper and then trace that sketch onto the contact paper with pencil or marker. After drawing the sketch on contact paper you need to cut the contact paper with the help of scissors.

  • Now the last thing that you have to do is to put that contact paper against the wall again. Make sure to press it from center with plastic card so that there will be no bubbles and your design is copied properly on to the wall. With this you are done with your DIY wall decal. Following the same pattern you can make as many as you want.