Wonderful Kids Clothes Storage Ideas

Mostly in small apartments or rental places, the biggest problem that you face is that they don`t have enough storage spaces. So if you are also facing a shortage of storage space for your kid’s clothes, then there are some easy options that can help you to deal with shortage of space for kids’ clothes storage without being messy. The only thing that is required on your part is little creativity. You can easily use existing space for your advantage.

Bookshelf as clothes storage

No matter if you don`t have large closets in your kids room, there is another easy option that can be used. If you have an old bookshelf, why don`t you bring it your advantage. You just have to remove the middle shelves of your bookshelf, and add a closets hanging rod and start hanging your clothes in it. You can keep the bottom shelf in pace so that it can be used for storing little items. This is really a cost effective alternative of your closets.

Under Shelf Rail

Another easy kids’ clothes storage solution is to use a chic curtain rod under any shelf in your kids’ room. You just need to attach that rod and hang your clothes. It will give a modern baby boutique look to your kids. It is cost effective yet stylish solution that can be made within quick time.

Beaded Cloths Line

One more option that you can work on with ease is to make a beaded cloths line. You just have to purchase bead from your local store and make a string. It will ensure that your hangers will not slip down to the center of string. You can choose colorful beads to give attractive look to your kids clothing storage. This will hardly cost you few dollars.