DIY Up-cycling Project: How To Make Your Own Bedside Tables

If you are looking to renovate your bedroom and trying to add some new items or things that can give a unique different look then why don`t you try experimenting with bedside table projects. There are many options that you can go for rather than using the conventional bedside nightstands. If you wanted to be little creative then you can easily use the extra things that are available in your home, like you can use the sleek cubes for making shelves, or can use old suitcase to make a beautiful bedside table. Some of the options that can be helpful for you are as follows.

Step up Style

If you have a vacant ladder available, then why don`t you use it as a step up style bedside table. This way you will be able to showcase your showpieces in a classic setting further you can also use the lower shelves for placing your phone and wallet at arm`s reach.

Fair Squares

Fair squares is another brilliant idea. With this you will not only be able to give a modern yet unique look but you will also be able to showcase your ornaments in style. Further you will get a beautiful place for your alarm clock.


If you have some extra suitcases available and you wanted to use them as bedside table project, then you just need to pile these on each other to add a vintage charm. With this you can easily able to store a lot of your books that you can read while going to sleep. Even after storing these books you will have a good amount of space for table lamp, or alarm clock along with your wallet, watches and phone.
These are few simple yet unique ideas for bedside table projects that you can easily execute on your own, without any difficulty.