Fabulous DIY Wardrobe Organizers Ideas

If you have shifted to an old constructed house, or a rental apartment, then you can see that one of the issues that you have to face is of small closets. They have little storage space which may not fulfill your requirements for storing your day to day items. If this is the case and you are looking for some easy DIY wardrobe organizers, then following are some options for you.

Building a Single Sheet Plywood Organizer

To make this organizer you won`t require a lot of expertise or material. You just require few dowels, single plywood sheet and closet rod. You can divide your closet from center with the plywood sheet and make small racks where you can place your routine items or even your clothes by folding them properly.

Sliding Pants Rack

Next option with which you can increase storage capacity in your closet is to use a sliding pants rack. You may purchase it from your local store or can build on your own. With this you will be able store extra pants in perfect manner without crinkles.

Closet Door Shelf

One more idea which will prove to be great DIY wardrobe organizer is to make a door shelf in your closet. You just have to use some plywood or wooden pallets to make shelves in your closets door. It will help you in storing small items like, caps, belts and other such things in an organized manner.

Installing a Pegboard

You may have seen pegboards in garages as they are mostly used for organizing heavy duty accessories and tools but why can’t we use them to arrange our closets. They can provide a great alternative for hanging our belts, caps and other small fabric that we need to hang.

These are few DIY wardrobe organizer ideas from which you can choose the best one as per your choice and requirements.