Spectacular Mason Jar Pencil Holders Ideas

There are many DIY activities that don`t require much effort but there result and effectiveness is awesome. Same goes for the Mason jar pencil holder. This don`t require a lot of hard work but its result will be very much satisfying as you can use it as a decoration on your work table. Further you can easily able to carry it with you wherever you are moving. Good thing about making pencil holder with Mason jar is that you don`t have to purchase a lot of supplies. You will mostly find easily at home.

Supplies Required

  • Mason Jar
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Spray Paint

First of all you need to take a mason jar. You can take anyone as per your choice and availability. After getting the jar do wash it properly so that if there is something in it will be removed. After washing the Mason jar you should now keep it a side for getting dried. Till the time your jar is getting dried, you should look for some design that you wanted to paste on your jar. You may choose a picture or art work from any magazine, newspaper or can download from internet. After getting the image, you can cut it to the size of your Mason jar pencil holder. Make sure that you cut the image with full focus.

After cutting the image, you know have to paste it onto the Mason jar. This can be done with the help of glue gun. After pasting the image, to make it look attractive and real, you can also do spray paint the Mason jar pencil holder if you want. With this you are done with your project. You can know put all your pens and pencils in it and use it as a decorative element on your study table. Good luck!