Breathtaking Reuse Old Luggage

Like everyone if you also have some old luggage at home which you have just put in your store room or looking to throw away for making some space for something else to store, then why don`t you do some effort and use your old luggage to your benefit. There are lots of projects that can be made by reusing old luggage. The only thing you require is little creativity. Following are some reuse old luggage ideas that can help you in utilizing old suitcase in best possible way.

Wall Shelving

One of the easiest thing that you can do with the help of old luggage is to make a wall mounted shelving with them. The good thing about these shelves is that they are already decorated and you don`t have to decorate them again.

Bedside Table

If you are looking to replace your bedside table then you can reuse old luggage as bedside table. To make it look perfect the only thing that you require is an actual suitcase stand. You can make it on your own or can purchase from your nearby store.

Rolling Bar Cart

Next in line is to make a beautiful rolling bar cart with the help of old suitcase. You just have to remove the front of your suitcase and add some shelves and paneling in it and you are done with beautiful rolling bar cart.

Chair or Table

One of the easiest options when it comes to reuse old luggage is to make a table or chair from it. Making a comfortable chair is much easier. You can use the upper part of your suitcase and chair back and the lower portion as seat. You can also add padding to the lower portion for a comfortable seat. The only thing that you require is a chair stand which you may take from any broken chair.