Stunning Homemade Candles Ideas

Candles are one of those things that are mostly liked by everyone. They can make your home and environment look beautiful and cozier. There only drawback is that are costly but don`t last longer. On the other hand there is a good thing that you can make these candles on your own. If you have little interest in DIY activities you can make homemade candles easily. But before starting candle making, you have to know the safety steps, the biggest of all is that you don`t keep a burning candle unattended. So if you have to decide to make candles on your own, you should know that you don`t require a lot of material and supplies for making beautiful candles, further its supplies are mostly available at home.

Supplies Required

When you are making candles on your own, it help you in determining what material to use for homemade candle making and what to avoid. If you don`t like candle fragrance, then you can easily make candle without it. Further you can also use soy wax for keeping your air clean. The only compulsory component for candle making without which you won`t be able to make candles are: a container, wax and a wick, rest are all additional items that can be used or can be left out as per requirements.

How to Make Candles

First of all you need an electric stove or hot plate with which will be used for wax melting. Take a bowl and put the soy wax in it for melting. Now when your wax is melted and you are looking to pour in container, then make sure that you have already placed the wick in it. Hold wick in its place and pour the melted wax in container and let it consolidated for some time. This is how simple it is to make homemade candles.