44+ Simple DIY Pine Cone Projects Ideas

Winters have just arrived and with the arrival of winters you can see that pinecone decorations become the focus of everyone. You can make different types of decoration with the help of pine cones depending upon your choice and requirements. Especially if you are decorating something outdoor, pine cone projects will help you a great deal. Following are some ideas that you can go for and surely will not be disappointed.
  • If you are arranging a Christmas party and you are looking for some new decoration style then pine cones will help you. Take a small planter and paint it in silver color. Now take few pine cones and paint them green and place them in those silver colored planters. Now place a silver star on top of pine cone. It will look fantastic and can easily serve as a center piece for your Christmas party.
  • Next pine cone project that you can make on easily is to take few pine cones. Cut the top of every pinecone and paint it pinecone with different bright colors. Now simply place them in a bowl and it will show as a beautiful blooming flowers bowl.
  • If you wanted to give a festive touch to your decorations then why don`t you use the pinecones with votive candle jars. It will surely add a beautiful effect to your overall decorations. You can put a candle in jar which will then be covered with pinecones, lace trim, snow covered rim and twine bow, this will add an old fashioned Christmas touch to your Christmas party which will surely be attractive for many.

These are few simple pine cone projects that you can easily do it on your own with minimum possible budget and requirements. So you can choose any of these for your Christmas party and make it a memorable one.