35+ Cool DIY Bookend Ideas

If you are a book loving person who loves reading different books then you must have a book rack or shelf in your home. To make your bookshelf look decorative and attractive you may also have tried bookends, if haven`t then you must use these as it can make your room and book shelf look great. There are many easy DIY bookend ideas that you can use with which you will be able to save your money as well as utilize your vacant resources.

Gold Bookends

This is a very classy idea, for this you need some ordinary rocks of different sizes and shapes, hot glue sticks, gold leaf, glue and gold leaf adhesive. First of all you need to wash and scrub the rocks and let them dry. Once it gets drier then you should spray paint the rock in gold color. Make sure that when you start picking the rocks, pick one that has a flat end which can serve as a base of your gold bookend and then pile others on it. This is really a simple and cost effective DIY bookend idea.

Animal Bookends

Animal or toys bookends will be a great idea too. For this you need to get some toys which you wanted to use as bookends. You can attach these toys to a wood pallet or flat rock and paint these with your favorite color. After painting these you can attach these to the books to make bookend.


Another DIY bookend idea is to use a brick as bookend. You just have to get two bricks and wrap these in beautiful wrapping sheets or paint them with your favorite color and attach them as bookends. All these ideas are really cost effective and easy to make on your own.