35+ DIY Miniature Doll Houses

Is it your daughter`s birthday or some special event in her life and you are looking to give her some unique gift that makes her feel so special. If this is the case then making a DIY doll house for her is one of the best options. Girls love their dolls and if you make something for their dolls she will surely love it too. Making a doll house is also not a difficult task, if you have a proper plan and you have decided to make it you can do it with much ease. The good thing is that you can make a doll house from anything that you have, there are no restrictions. Following are some tips and tricks with which you will be able to make a beautiful doll house for your cute little daughter.

Wall less Doll House

Wall less doll house is one of the easy yet very classy ideas for building a DIY doll house. It is particularly liked by kids because with this they can easily make changes and decoration to the doll house and see what is happing in it because of no walls. You can decorate the doll house with the help of mini bed, chairs and tables.

Tall Doll House

If you are looking to make a complete different doll house and surprise your kids, then choosing a tall doll house will not be a bad idea at all. This multi-layered doll house can be made with the help of different size of boxes and scissors. You can make a spacious ground floor with a small rooftop bedroom with beautiful view. You can also make a small chimney by using a small box.

These are few simple ideas for DIY doll house. You can choose any of those as per your liking.