Spectacular DIY Farmhouse Shelves

Are you looking to add some extra storage space for your farmhouse? If yes then adding some beautiful shelves can serve your purpose well. You can add some storage boxes too but it will make your space look smaller as compare to adding farmhouse shelves. These DIY farmhouse shelves can also fill your empty walls and make them look beautiful when you start placing different decoration and utility items on these shelves. Another good reason for choosing the farmhouse shelves is that you can build these in quick time without much effort. So if you have also decided about making this project following are the important tips and guidelines that are helpful for you while executing this project.

Before you start this project make sure that you took the right measurement for shelves and also know the exact location of screws and studs. Mostly these are at 16 inches apart. The second thing for DIY farmhouse shelves is that you should know how to drill as you will require drilling holes to fix the shelves properly in place.

If you can do proper woodworking and use the tools effectively then you can start this project easily on your own. After selecting the board that you want to use as shelve you need to mark the points as per your measurements for screws and studs. You can use pencil for making marks. After that you need to screw the flanges with the help of drill. After installing the screws you can add pipes to them for placing the boards. Once you are done with this all then you can place the wood pallet or board on the pipe and paint it with your favorite color. You will surely enjoy this DIY farmhouse shelves project and can serve you in lot many ways than a usual storage box.