40+ DIY Flower Vases As Pretty As The Flowers Themselves

Are you one of those people who love flowers and wanted to make sure that flowers should be present everywhere where they present from their living room, to drawing room and from their office to their garden, they want flowers everywhere. If this is the case then you must also be looking for some unique and quality flower vases where you can put all these flowers for a beautiful look. If you have some creative instinct then you can make some beautiful and colorful vases on your own as well. Making of DIY flower vases is not a hard job to do. You just have to find the right material and an artistic mind can do it all. You can use your own homemade vases for decoration purposes as well. Following is a nice and easy idea that you can work on as a beginner.

Making a polka dot DIY flower vase is one of the easiest to start with. For this you need to take a glass bottle and fill it with paint. This is important because you have to paint the bottle from inside. Once you have filled the bottle with some paint then you should shake it so that all the inner side of bottle is painted well. When you see that all inner sides of bottle is painted then you can remove the excess paint by turning the bottle upside down and let it dry. Once the bottle gets dried than you can make the polka dots on the outer side using paint brush or you can also use painters tape for this purpose. This is one of the easiest ways in which you can create a DIY flower vase and that too without spending a lot of money. The only thing that is required is your skills and creative mind.