40 DIY Headboard Designs For A Fabulous Looking Bed

Are you considering changing your bedroom furniture or you are looking to give a new shape or style to your bed? In both the cases choosing a headboard for your bed that should be stylish, beautiful and cost effective at the same time is a difficult task. If you are also worried about the same, then why don`t you try some simple ideas where you can easily able to make DIY headboard designs depending upon your choice and requirements without breaking your budget. Following are few ideas that can be really helpful for you.

Hanging of Textile

This is a simple but beautiful idea. You just need to hang a textile or rug of your own choice on to the wall behind your bed. If require you can fix it with the nails. Make sure that you choose the textile of same size as of your bed`s width.

Drawing on the Wall

If you like making sketch or painting then you can make your own headboard by drawing some beautiful picture or sketch as per your liking. This will not only help you in saving money but you will also feel proud on your customized DIY headboard design.

Use old Window

If you have an old window available with you which you think is of no use and you are looking to get rid of it or throwing it away, then why don`t you use this old window as headboard for your bed. You can paint the window in beautiful colors and then put it on the wall. It will surely give a great look as well as satisfaction as you have make use of some old item which was thought of as unusable. This DIY headboard design will surely attract your guests as well. Good luck!