Amazing DIY Map Crafts Ideas For Everyone

There are some people who are obsessed with maps if you are one of those and have lots of maps that you now wanted to use for some decorative and creative purposes then there are many options that can be exercised. Following are some ideas with which you can do DIY map crafts.

Glass Pendant

You must have a favorite place on map where you wanted to visit or love to stay or it can also be a place where you have some special bonding. If this is so, then you can easily cut that place from the map and make beautiful necklace to honor that place.

Covered Wall

If you are looking to paint your walls or renovate them then why don`t you use these old maps on the walls to give unique look. It can also be used as patch work on the wall to make it even more colorful.

Storage Boxes

Another easy DIY map craft is to use them on your storage boxes. If you can do it so, then you can easily put these as decoration pieces as well. You don`t have to put these in your closet to hide your storage item.

Table Top

If you are having an old table to which you wanted to give a new look then you can use your map. It can easily be used and give a customized looks that will surely attract your friends and guests.

DIY Chair

Revamping an old chair with the help of DIY map craft is a beautiful idea that can make your chairs look different as well as attractive. You can use the map on chair`s back as well as on seat.
These are few easy ideas that can help you in using the map for making beautiful map craft.