Awesome DIY Tree Swing Ideas To Try Now

Tree swing is one of the things that every one of us may have enjoyed during our childhood. But it is not only limited to childhood, if you are an adult and you wanted to enjoy tree swing, it is perfectly fine. You can do so. Especially if you have a large tree in your garden then it is perfect for making DIY tree swing which can be enjoyed during summers. The only other thing required than large tree is your creativity. You can make some beautiful swings by using some reclaimed material.

Old Tire Tree Swing

If you are replacing your car tires then why don`t you use these for making tree swing. For this you just have to paint the tires in beautiful colors of your own choice. After painting the tires, you need to hang it with the help of a strong rope. The rope should be tied with to any tall branch of tree and enjoy tree swing.

Tree Swing with wood

Another easy option for DIY tree swing is to make it with the help of rope and wood pallet. You can cut down the wood pallet in shape of wooden seat and then hang it with ropes from tree. You should select the tree branch carefully so that you can enjoy safe swing.

Pillow Tree Swing

If you looking for a comfortable tree swing then there is no better option than to make it with the help of pillow. You can take a pillow old or new depending on you, just tie it firmly with rope from both ends and then hang the rope onto tree. It will give you nice comfortable DIY tree swing. You should select a strong rope and large tree branch so that it can easily bear the weight of those who wanted to take swing.