Concrete Steps For Gardens

Do you have a beautiful garden where you wanted to spend quality time with your family and friends? If this is so and you are looking to add some more beauty to it then why don`t you go for setting some beautiful stepping stones. You can make concrete steps for garden with different material like you can use, concrete slabs, bricks, gravel, timber or large flat stones. The type of material and design of your garden steps depends on the area where you wanted to build these steps. Following is your step wise procedure for building garden steps.
  • First of all you need to mark the outer edges of your concrete steps for gardens. You can do this with the help of pegs and builder line.
  • Next thing you need is to determine that how many steps should be made. This can be done by measuring the horizontal distance and vertical height of flight of steps.
  • To determine the height of each step you need to divide the total height vertical height with your riser height. You can also take help from the tread-riser combination chart.
  • Once you are done with measuring and deciding the height of each step you need to make rough shape of these steps by using a spade.
  • When you are done then you should dig a trench nearly 125mm deep to hold solid footing before the first riser. You can use the level marker to make a perfect level for this. This is important because if there is no solid footing then you will face difficulty afterwards.
  • Following the similar pattern you need to concrete each step which was roughly made in the previous step. Once you are done with concrete steps for gardens then you should leave it for 24 hours to consolidate on its position.