Crazy Repurposed Furniture Ideas

As everyone you may also have some old broken furniture items, or wooden sheets that are not being used for quite some time and you are now thinking of throwing these away. If this is the case then don`t do this, unless you have looked into some of the crazy repurposed furniture ideas. You can use these old outdated furniture items to create something new that really go well with the modern day furniture.

Born Again Bench

If you have some old chairs that are of no use then why don`t you make a new bench out of them. The only thing that you have to make sure is that the chairs are of same height. Once you are sure of the height of chairs, then you need to sand and paint these chairs to give a similar look. Once you are done with this paint job, then apply a plywood and foam to make it feel comfortable.

Perked up Planter

Another crazy repurposed furniture idea is to make a perked up planter of an old side table which is having drawer. You just have to take out the drawer, paint it with your favorite colors, seal the ends so that soil don`t leak from the ends, and then fill it with potting soil. You can grow colorful flowers in it and make it a perfect decoration item for your home.

Tub Transformation

In case if you have a vacant bathtub available with you which is of no use, either because you have installed a new one or it gets old, in both the cases you can use the older bath tub as a couch tub. This is really a crazy repurposed furniture idea that can give a unique look altogether. You can place this couch in your sitting area or living room wherever you feel best.