Cool & Creative Use Of Antlers

Antlers are one of those items that can serve you as a great decorative plus utility item for your home. The only thing is that you should use them properly. Following are some of the creative uses of antlers that can make your home look completely stylish and different than others.
  • If you are looking into doing things by yourself, then making a knife handle by using antler is a great project for you. You can make a homemade knife using the deer antler as its handle. This can also be an awesome gift for your friend or family members. This is also an easy to do job.
  • Making a chandelier by using the antler is one of those things that can make your home look amazing. This is also of one of those things for which it will be worth waiting when it comes to collecting deer antlers.
    Another creative use of antler is to use it as a towel rack or coat hanger. It will be a great addition to your home décor and serve as a utility as well.
  • Are you thinking of some different yet classy toilet paper holder? If yes, then why don`t you try using an antler as a toilet paper holder. Yes you can! This will be a great thing and make you close to nature as well.
    If you require antlers for any of your use, why don`t you train your dog to find these for you. You can teach your dog to find antlers for you and he will surely bring you more.
  • Making a wine rack with the help of antler is also a new thing. You can try to combine the antlers and tie these by using a small rope to make a wine rack.
  • One more creative use of antler is to make a lamp stand with the help of antler to give a natural look to your room.