40+ DIY Chalkboard Ideas For Decor

Are you interested in performing DIY activities and have some experience in using tools. If this is so and you are looking to create something this weekend then you should try making a chalkboard. It will be a great fun activity that don`t require lot of resources as well as time. You can hang the chalkboard anywhere in your home and put decorative items on it too. So if you are ready to take on this task of making a DIY chalkboard, following are the material requirements.

Material Required

  • Piece of Wood, preferably you should select a popular wood piece. You can select the size as per your requirements.
  • A Paint brush
  • Primer
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Wall hooks
  • Foam paint roller

First of all you should purchase a wooden pallet from the local home improvement store to start making DIY chalkboard. After getting the board you need to put the primer to it. Make sure that you put the premier in such a way that it don`t feel bad and then let it dry. Once your premier gets dried then you should start applying the chalkboard paint. Two coats of this paint will be good enough for making a beautiful chalkboard.

Once you are done with painting the chalkboard then you should attach the d-ring hangers to the board and hang it on the wall. You can hang this DIY chalkboard on any place where you want in your home. Mostly people prefer to use it in their sitting area or walkways as it can help you in decorating your home as well as noting things and important function dates or event invitations. The only thing that you need to be careful of is to make sure that you do the paint well and hang it at such place that it can look well.