45+ Crazy DIY Clothespin Projects For Reuse

Clothespin crafts are one of those home décor items that were very popular in past. Currently the automatic dryers took some of its space as people don`t use these clothespins but still if you have some, then you can use these for making tiny toys, impressive home decors as well as wedding decorations. So if you have some time and you are in love with some DIY activities then some DIY clothespin projects are there for you to implement. Following are some easy craft ideas that don`t require too much money and material other than few clothespins and hot glue gun and decorative items.

Clothespin Planes

You may find some leftover Popsicle sticks that can easily make a beautiful adagio with the help of clothespins. For this you will require following items.

  • Wooden clothespins
  • Cardboard or felt
  • A hot glue gun
  • Decorative sticky tape

You just have to glue all these items together to make a beautiful colorful funky plane that your kids will surely enjoy.

Clothespin Picture Line

Another great DIY clothespin project is to make a beautiful picture line with the help of clothespins. It will surely brighten up any room space, but if you place it in your kid’s room it will have an excellent impact. For this you will require a rope and small clothespins. You can choose a rope of your favorite color according to the length of room where you wanted to make a picture line. Tie the rope from one end to another and start hanging your favorite pictures to the rope with the help of clothespin. This is an easy yet very amazing DIY clothespin project that you can execute without much difficulty and without going out of budget. When you are done with this project you will find it a great step that you take.