Amazing DIY Brick Walls Ideas

Are you fond of making/building things on your own? If yes and you are looking to experience something new this time then why don`t you try building a DIY brick wall that may be required for protecting your garden or lawn from outsider. If you agree to this idea and looking to start the project then following are the material requirements as well as step wise guide about how to build on your project.

Material Required

  • Brick trowel
  • Old board
  • Shovel
  • Tape measurement
  • Club hammer
  • Bolster
  • Spirit level
  • Stiff brush
  • String line

How to build brick wall

  • First of all you will require lying out single brick on each end of your intended wall location. Use string line to make sure that you are building straight.
  • Next thing is to make a mixture of cement and sand. For this you can use shovel and old board.
    Now put 1-2 cm of mortar bed on the string line. You should start it from one end and move it to other. Just after putting the brick in, you should tap it little to make sure that it rest in firm.
  • Following the same course, you should start building line by line until you reach to the intended height for your brick wall.
  • Once you reach the intended height of your DIY brick wall, you should try to remove any excessive mortar if any on the wall. For this you can easily use the brush.

When you start making DIY brick wall make sure that you have all the available material with you. In case if you don` t have the required material then don`t start building the wall otherwise you will face difficulty in completing the project successfully.