Coolest DIY Chicken Coop Ideas For Your Birds

Are you thinking of making a chicken coop in your garden for small flock? If this is so, then you must require some carpentry skills. If you have decided about this idea then before starting you need to look for some information from the online sources. Internet is flooded with different type of ideas so you can find the best one as per your requirements. So when you start making a DIY chicken Coop you should visit different websites before you start the project. Following is the basic information that you must have:

Plan Size and Location

First of all you should select the place and size of your chicken coop. Make sure that the size of your chicken coop is enough to place all your chicken comfortably in the coop. further the location that you are choosing should also be the one where your chicken won`t be disturbed much.

Build the Frame

Once you have decided about the location and size of your DIY chicken coop, then you should start building the frame. The main frame must be build properly using proper material and wood pallets.

Outfit the Interior

Once you have constructed the outer frame then you should look making the interior fitting. While fitting the interior you must make sure that each and everything is in its proper place, if this is not, then you will face trouble.

Finish the Exterior

After fitting the interior of your DIY chicken coop you just need to apply the exterior finish. The exterior of your coop should be installed properly, otherwise you will face difficulty. Once you are done with this all then you need to apply paint of your own choice to the coop. Make sure that you do double coat of paint for nice clean finish. Good luck!