The Coolest DIY Coffee Tables Ideas

Are you one of those who love to have a cup of coffee or tea in your garden in the evening? If yes, then you surely have a coffee table in place where you can sit with your family or friends to enjoy your coffee and discuss your day activities. In case your coffee table gets old or you are looking to installed a new one, then why don`t you try a DIY coffee table. There are many easy options with which you will be able to make a good coffee table for your garden. Following are some ideas that can really help you to utilize your vacant laying old home items in making of a new customized coffee table.

You can easily find hairpin legs from your nearby home improvement store. You need to get three of these and paint these in bright color. After painting the hairpin legs, you can place a thick wood slice on it to make a DIY coffee table.

If you have an empty metallic trash bin that is not being used for a while, why don`t you turn it as a coffee table. The only that is required is to paint it in beautiful colors and install where you want.

Another idea for DIY coffee table is to use old wine bottle crates. You just have to combine these in such a way that will give unique table look. Wooden crates can be painted in the color of your own choice.

If you have an old table available with you that need repair, then you can also use the same for coffee table. You just have to do the necessary repair, paint it well and start utilizing it. It can save you a lot of money and time that you have to spend for purchasing or making a whole new coffee table.