40+ DIY Bird Bath Projects Ideas

If you are having a beautiful lawn or garden and there are some large and small trees in your garden then birds will surely visit your garden. So what can you do for your friends? The easy thing for you is to provide the birds with some feed as well as birdbath places where they can take some good proper bath. DIY birdbath projects can be made with simple items that are easily available in your home without any difficulty. Following are some of the ideas that can be implemented without spending much.

Planter Birdbath

Clay pots are an integral part of any garden; you may have some empty clay pots available which can easily be converted to birdbath. A DIY birdbath project involving the clay pots is an easy project to execute. You cannot only make a birdbath with it but can also grow some ferns, herbs and flowers in and around it.

Glassware Birdbath

You must have some old glassware available at home that can easily be converted to birdbath. You can use the old platters, vases and plates that are just being held in the cupboard and is not being under regular use. You can make a pedestal stand and place this glassware on it to make a DIY birdbath project for your garden. Birds will surely love this.

Teapot Bird Bath

Making a birdbath with the help of mismatched saucers, cups and teapots will be a great idea. You just need to paint these to give a complete new look. This DIY birdbath project will definitely be a fun activity for your garden friends. Other than this you can use any other crockery item that is available to give a different yet stylish look for birdbath project. Make sure that whatever project you choose you complete it carefully and fill it with clean water regularly.