45+ Charming DIY Bird House Ideas For Your Backyard

Weather is changing and it makes the birds migration to get protected from the cold weather, so this is the season for you to make bird houses. You can make the bird perches, feeders and DIY bird houses on the trees and boundary wall of your houses to provide food and shelter to the birds in your area. So if you are interested in making some bird houses on your own and looking for some ideas to follow, then following are some easy yet interesting ideas that can help you a great deal.

Wine Bottle Bird House

If you think that you have some experience in wood working then this is a great idea for you to start. First of all you need to cut a piece out of pallet and then attach a bottle to it in upside down direction. You need to fill the bottle with seeds and attach it to the frame. Once it gets attached then flips the whole thing upside down again so that the seeds should come down slowly to the wooden pallet for birds to eat.

Wooden Box Bird House

If you have a wooden box available in your home which is of no use and you are looking to throw it away then why don`t you make little changes to it and make a DIY bird house for your feather friends. A bird house made of wood pallets will be a great place for birds where they can easily stay warm as well as safe from any rains or other weather hardships. You can make a small hole for entrance and cover the rest of box with the help of small wood pieces to provide comfort to birds.
You can choose any of these two ideas or any other for making DIY bird house in your garden.