Amazing DIY Bath Mat Ideas

Have you just moved to a new house or you are looking to make little changes in your existing setup that can make your home look reshaped and well organized. If this is so, then you need to start making small changes. Like you can add some decorative touch to things that is necessary for you, like you can make some beautiful picture frames on your own, or add some beautiful planter or DIY bath mat that can make your room look renovated and decorated. Following are some ideas related to bath mat that you can make on your own.

Hand Weaved Mat

A hand weaved bath mat is one of the choices that you can implement to be placed in your room. It just look as a beach towel and require some skills at the initial stage but once you get going then you will not even have to worry about moving forward and do it without thinking.

Bringing the Outdoor In

This is little strange in the start but a very valuable idea. You can make a DIY bath mat with the help of moss. Moss is a flourishing plant that has the ability to absorb the water quickly. So if you make a moss mat it can help you in absorbing all the water after shower quickly. You can easily find this moss mat in the market but it will be expensive as compare to the cost on which you can make it on your own. To make a moss mat you will require a fresh moss, high density foam and little skill in using knife.

These two are the easy options for making DIY bath mat. You can select any of those depending upon your choice and ease. By making the mat yourself you will not only able to save the money but can also have the option of customization.