40+ The Most Adorable Diy Key Holder Ideas

Keys are of the important part of our day to day life. Everyone is having number of different keys at home, like you can have a car keys, door keys, drawer keys or any other key as per your requirement. Mostly people lost their keys because they don’t have a proper key holder where they can put all their keys and find them at right time. If you are suffering from same situation then following are some easy DIY key holder ideas, with which you will be able to place your keys at safe location and find these immediately at the time of need.

Picture Frame Key holder

Are you having an old picture frame that is currently vacant? If yes then you can easily convert the same as key holder. You just have to put same screws on the back of picture frame and hang keys on those screws. It will look beautiful and easy to find keys when required.

Old Keys as key Holder

You may have some old keys which are not under your usage. Collect all those keys to make a unique key holder for your currently used keys. You just have to nail these to wall from top and then bend the lower part to hang the keys. This is an easy yet beautiful DIY key holder idea that also cost you nothing as you can use old keys and find some nails within the home.

Old Doorknobs as Key Holder

One more option that can help you in making beautiful unique DIY key holder is to use old doorknobs. You can find them easily from the hardware store or if you have some old doors available them you can get their doorknobs too. It depends on your choice and ease but it will surely be a great idea to make stylish key holder.