40+ DIY Letter Boxes For Your Home

Everyone has a desire to improve or decorate their house. This surely require you to spend some money, the only thing that you can do is to minimize the money spending by DIY activities. So if you have some expertise and interest in doing the tasks yourself you will surely be able to decorate your home and save some money as well. So if you are looking to start decoration or renovation in your home then you should start with DIY letter boxes for your home as it will have the first impression for anyone who is entering the home or just passing from the front. Following are some ideas that can help you making DIY letter boxes.

Wooden Mailbox

If you don`t have a mail box and looking to installed a brand new one, then you should go for a DIY wooden mailbox. The good thing is that you can build it easily if you know little woodworking and it will also not cost you much. Further you can paint DIY letter box for your home with your favorite color. Whole of this project won`t cost you more than $10.

Metal Mailbox

If you don`t want to build a wooden mailbox, then another option is to go for a metal DIY letter box for your home. This is even simpler idea than wooden mailbox. You just have to purchase a metal mailbox from your nearby home improvement store and install it where you want. You can give a personalized touch by painting it with beautiful colors. Further it will be more durable option as compare to wooden mailbox. It will also take less time to install this mailbox as you can get it prepared and just have to place it. This will also cost you around $10 depending upon the metal used in its construction.