45+ Gorgeous And Easy DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Are you planning to host a party at your home and you prefer to make the arrangements in your garden, then you must also make sure that there will be proper lighting arrangements. There are many easy DIY outdoor lights ideas which can not only help you in getting light but will also serve as decoration pieces. If you have little creative instinct then you will be able to create the outdoor lights on your own as well. These ideas won`t require more than an hour or two for lighting up your whole garden. Following are some ideas which can be really helpful for you in deciding about party lighting.
  • If you are looking to decorate your walkways or patios then having beautiful globe or string lights will be a great idea. You can easily put these lights on the eaves, walls and tree branches. Further if you require these at such place where you don`t have an wall or tree branch, then you can make a temporary stand with tree branches or any other wooden stick available with you.
  • Mason jar oil candles is another beautiful DIY outdoor lights idea. You just have to take a mason jar. Put some water, vegetable oil and botanical clipping to Mason jar and then install candle in it. You can also add a mosquito repellant oil in it to repel mosquitoes as they can disturb you during your outdoor parties.

These are simple easy DIY outdoor light ideas that you can easily execute on your own without spending a lot of money as well as resources. You can also able to reutilize these lights for other parties and functions. Another advantage is that to make these lights you can find the supplies easily from your home and don`t have to buy from markets.