Top DIY Painted Mugs Ideas

People who love doing DIY activities, they cannot spend any time free without thinking or executing of new ideas that they can do it on their own. So if you are one of those and looking to have some idea which you can work on this weekend, then you can try a DIY painted mugs theme. You can easily be able to create customized mugs for yourself and for your friends and family. This is not a very difficult idea, you can easily do it on your weekends. Following are the supplies required.
  • White Mugs, if you have some at your home then it’s great, otherwise you can easily purchase these from the local area dollar store.
  • Ceramic Paint

Once you get the mug in your hand, you need to wash it to remove any dirt or other small things if any. After washing it let it dry for few minutes. Once the mug get dried you need to apply the paint on it. You can choose paint of your favorite color and company. After painting your DIY painted mug, you need to let it dry for some time. When you are sure that it get perfectly dried then you can add whatever you want to add on it. You may like to write some quote on it or you wanted to make some shape of design on it. You can make it whatever you want.

People also polka dotted mug. So if you wanted to create a polka dotted DIY painted mug then you can use circle sponge brush with which you can easily apply turquoise dots. You can also paint the handle of your mug or can even keep it simple white. It depends on you that what you like. With these simple steps your DIY painted mug is ready to be used or given as a gift to your friend.