50+ DIY Ideas For Wood Pallet Bars

If you have some empty space in your garden, that you wanted to utilize properly and that can be beneficial as well then why don`t you think of making a DIY pallet bar. This will be a great addition to your garden especially if you arrange parties there. Further you can easily do this on your own without spending a lot of money as compare to a pallet bar that you have to purchase from the market. The material required for performing this task is also available quite easily. Following are the steps to do this job.

Set Up

First of all you need to do the setting up. Make sure that you have all the material and supplies available before starting the task. Further you should also put some plastic sheet before you start the work, so that any paint cannot go down to the ground.

Sawing and Drilling

After setting up you need to Drill the pallets together. For this you need to find the pallets of right height. This will be a little tough job to drill these together for which you might need someone`s help. You can also make a longer shelf by attaching the pallets together. You can make the DIY pallet bar shelf as per your requirements.

Bar Top

Now after finishing with pallet bar you have to make its top. You can make a beautiful bar top with the help of tiles. You can choose tiles of your favorite color. The good thing is that these tiles can be cleaned easily and won`t require much efforts in installing these.


After preparing the structure, now you should do the painting of your pallet bar. You can leave the structure as it is for few hours and then can paint the DIY pallet bar as per your liking.