55+ Of The Best Creative DIY Ideas For Pebble Art Crafts

Making arts and crafts is not only limited and excitable to children but it gives same joy and happiness to the adults. These activities can help you to relax your mind and have calming effect too. So if you are free on this weekend or even you have some time today`s evening then you can go for DIY pebble art. It will be a great project that cannot only add some decorative touch to your home but will also help you in enjoying your time. The good thing is that pebble art is not a very difficult thing to do but at the same time it will give astonishing results. To take on this project you will require the following:
  • A box frame
  • Glue Stick
  • Superglue or multi gel glue
  • White paint
  • White card
  • Pebbles
  • Thin brush
  • Leaves and single stick

First of all you will need to measure and cut the white card exactly to the same size of frame. After cutting the size, you should stick it to the frame with the help of glue stick. The next thing for your DIY pebble art project is to write the text you want to on the pebbles using white paint and thin brush. After writing the text you should glue these pebbles on to the stick with the help of superglue or glue gel. You can now add leaves to the stick to make it look like a tree or some decoration.

Making this or any other DIY pebble art is extremely easy and important because it will open your mind for new creative ways in which you can use these pebbles. Further it can serve your decoration item purpose very well. You can use pebble art designs as decoration in your home and save good amount of money.