44+ Best DIY Picture Frame Ideas

Photos are one of the important part of everyone`s life. You take photos to save memory of any event, party, function or your visit to some special place, alone or with your friends or family. The past time photos will have a special place for everyone as they can remind them of their past. So if you have some pictures that you really wanted to hang on your home walls so that they remain in front of your eyes every time you enter or leaving the house, you need to get them framed beautiful. You can purchase the frames from your local store or online, but why don`t you go for customized DIY picture frames that can make your picture look even more beautiful.

One of the simplest idea is to take your old picture frame, add some style and design of your own to it and use it onto the wall. You can add new mirror and paint the sides with beautiful design or can simply make some changes to its existing theme to come up with change. You can add your photo to this DIY picture frame and it will surely look awesome.

If you have an empty shoe box, why are you throwing it away? You can use it as a beautiful picture frame just by installing front mirror to it. You can also cover the sides with beautiful wrapping paper.

Another idea is to use some rustic wood to make a DIY picture frame on your own. You can select the frame size as per your requirement. Make sure that you take the measurements right according to the place where you wanted to hang it.

These are few simple yet effective ideas with which you can make picture frame on your own without exceeding your budget.