35+ Awesome Ideas To Be Done With Seashells

Summers have arrived. Now is the perfect time and weather for some beautiful beach side vacations. So when you are planning a beach holiday, then you should also get your own share of seashells. This means that there are seashells everywhere and if you have some interest in DIY activities then you should collect those seashells which can be used for different DIY seashell projects. You can use these seashells for different home décor projects, like you can make jewelry, candles or wreaths by using these seashells. There are so many other inexpensive ideas that can be made with the help of seashells. The only thing for you is to get these shells first. Following are few ideas that you can make on your own.

Flower Pots

Everyone has flower pots at home. Mostly they are placed in garden but some also place these within the house. So if you have some of these within the house, then you can beautify these flower pots with the help of seashells. You can stick these seashells with the help of glue to the flower pot. To make them look beautiful and colorful you can also paint the seashells with your favorite color.

Shell Bouquets

If you are going to marry this summer, then you can make a beautiful bridal bouquet using the seashells. A DIY seashell project combine with beautiful flowers can make your wedding bouquet look perfect. Further it can also add a real beach look touch to your wedding.

Seashell Summer Mason Jars

You can make your summer mason jars look attractive and beautiful with the help of DIY seashell project. You can color the seashells with beautiful attractive colors and then attach these to the Mason jar with the help of glue. This will make a beautiful decoration for your kitchen.