40+ DIY Stair Projects For The Perfect Home Makeover

Stairs are one thing in your house that can help you for going from one point to another, but have you thought of giving them some beautiful colorful look and use them as decoration and beautification of your home. Some of these DIY stairs projects are so simple that they can easily be done on your own. Following are few ideas that you can execute on your own.

Dress them up

To make your staircase look awesome, you can dress them up. You can use the stairs risers and treads as canvas for your new art design. Before you start this project just keep in mind one thing that it will become little difficult to visually distinguish treads from each other, so it will be better if you execute this project on stair risers.

Paint them

When it comes to selecting an easy DIY stairs project, then there is no easy option then to paint them. There are many options available in it. You can choose the favorite color as per your liking. Further you can also make designs by using different color schemes. You can also simply add stamped accents to your stairs to make them look even more beautiful.


Another great DIY stair project that can add a different look to your stairs without spending a lot of money is to use wallpaper. You can select the best design for your stairs that can also go well with your overall home décor. This way you don`t have to use paint and brush. It can also save you from being messy.
These are few simple ideas with the help of which you will be able to bring new life to your stairs. These are also not very expensive ideas so you can save some money with these as well.