40+ Creative & Easy DIY Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holder is one of the basic necessity of every bathroom. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, you need to have a toilet paper holder that can be used for holding as well as storing toilet paper. There must be something that can keep hold of some extra toilet paper rolls which can be used at the time of need. There are different options available but now day’s people prefer to have customized toilet paper holder. So if you are also looking for a DIY toilet paper holder idea that you can make on your own, following are some suggestions that can help you.

Sink Side Cabinet

If you are one of those who can use the wood working tools and has interest in DIY activities, then making a sink side cabinet will be a good option. You can make the cabinet with reclaimed wood that may be available in your store room.

Wall Mounted Wire Basket

One of the easiest option for DIY toilet paper holder is to use wall mounted baskets. They have their own charm and style and provide an attractive interesting look. You just have to get a basket and hang it on to your bathroom wall.

Square Floating Bathroom Shelf

Another project that cannot only add storage facility for your toilet paper roll but will add to its décor is to make a square floating bathroom shelf. You can make it at your arms reach anywhere in your bathroom, so that when you need to get something of it you can get it easily. If you can use hammer and saw well then making this DIY toilet paper roll will not be a difficult thing at all. This will also not cost you much as you can make the shelf with the help of reclaimed wood pallets.