Phenomenal DIY Toy Storage Solutions Ideas

If you are having one or two kids of small age where they love to play with toys then you may agree that they love to create mess with their toys by throwing them wherever they want. They left their toys where they have played and keeping them organized is a big task. So if you are also looking for some DIY toy storage solutions, then there are options that may help you.

Under Couch Drawers

One of the easy options for toy storage is to store them under couch. You can make drawers under your couch and ask your kids to store their toys in these drawers. You can make these drawers easily and it will also serve your purpose to the fullest.

Curtain covered Bookracks

Another solution is to use your bookracks as toy storage. If you have an old bookrack that is not under your usage, then why don`t you use it for your benefit. You just have to bring it out make some changes and repair. With this you will easily find a beautiful cost effective DIY toy storage solution. You can also hang a curtain in front with the help of curtain rod to hide all the mess if you want.

Flower Planter Storage

Do you have some flower planters that are currently not under your use? If this is so, then why don`t you convert the same into DIY toy storage solution. You just have to paint them with different colors to make them look beautiful. You can place them wherever you want and ask your kids to store their toys in them after playing.
These are few easy ideas that can be really helpful for you in selecting the best toy storage solution for your kids so they don`t create any sort of mess with their toys.