If you are living in an old home and you are looking to renovate it for giving a new look then there are many do it yourself home projects, that can not only save you a lot of money but will also help you in renovating your home. The only thing that is required on your part is that you should know how to use different tools. Following are some easy ideas that you can go for.

Outdoor and Indoor Painting

The easiest and quickest thing that can provide your home an immediate facelift is to refresh its paint. You can do the paint yourself without much trouble. The only thing that you have to be careful is to make sure that you choose the colors that can go well with the interior design as well as exterior design of your home. You can also choose the same or different colors for painting interior and exterior.

Creative Woodwork

If you have little woodworking experience or you think that you have and can use the woodworking tools well then creative woodwork is one of the best do it yourself home project. It can give a whole new look to your house. But if you don`t know how to exactly use the woodworking tools then you should start with small projects like making a bird house or some small project in your porch so you have an idea about how to work with these tools.

Garden Projects

Another place from where you can start your do it yourself home projects is your garden. If you or your family members spend some time in garden every day, then your garden will surely require some changes and decoration as you may get bored with old setting. You can easily make some wooden benches or fountain in your garden without much difficulty.

If you have shifted to an old constructed house, or a rental apartment, then you can see that one of the issues that you have to face is of small closets. They have little storage space which may not fulfill your requirements for storing your day to day items. If this is the case and you are looking for some easy DIY wardrobe organizers, then following are some options for you.

Building a Single Sheet Plywood Organizer

To make this organizer you won`t require a lot of expertise or material. You just require few dowels, single plywood sheet and closet rod. You can divide your closet from center with the plywood sheet and make small racks where you can place your routine items or even your clothes by folding them properly.

Sliding Pants Rack

Next option with which you can increase storage capacity in your closet is to use a sliding pants rack. You may purchase it from your local store or can build on your own. With this you will be able store extra pants in perfect manner without crinkles.

Closet Door Shelf

One more idea which will prove to be great DIY wardrobe organizer is to make a door shelf in your closet. You just have to use some plywood or wooden pallets to make shelves in your closets door. It will help you in storing small items like, caps, belts and other such things in an organized manner.

Installing a Pegboard

You may have seen pegboards in garages as they are mostly used for organizing heavy duty accessories and tools but why can’t we use them to arrange our closets. They can provide a great alternative for hanging our belts, caps and other small fabric that we need to hang.

These are few DIY wardrobe organizer ideas from which you can choose the best one as per your choice and requirements.

Are you looking for some new ideas with which you will be able to decorate your home? There are many new themes that are becoming popular among decorators. One such is wall words. This is a great new idea with which you will be able to decorate your home and give message to your love ones as well. You can put the make the wall words with different sort of materials. Making DIY wall words is also very easy as there are many choices available from which you can choose the best one. By making these wall words yourself, you can also show your love to those for whom you are writing them. The good thing about making the wall words yourself is that it is an easy thing that can be done without spending a lot of money. You can also make them with the help of reclaimed material that is easily available in every house. So if you are convinced and looking to take on DIY wall words project, following are the supplies required.


  • 4 canvas stretcher strips of 8 inch each
  • Cross stitch fabric
  • Embroidery thread
  • Needle
  • Wood glue
  • Staple gun
  • Stencil
  • Pencil

Once you have arranged all these material items, you should start this project. First of all you need to attach four stretcher strips with the help of glue to make a frame. Next you can staple the stretch cross stitched fabric on to the frame. Take out the pencil and draw words on to the fabric. Now if you know some basic sewing, bring that to work, you know have to use embroidery thread and needle to stitch the outline of words that you have drawn with pencil. With this you are done with DIY wall words project. You can cover the staples by using duct tape.

Walls decals are one of those things that are becoming popular with every passing day. If you look around you can see that many of your friends have wall decals in their houses or rooms where they put their favorite designs, pictures or sceneries as per their liking. So if you are also interested in making DIY wall decals for your room, then don`t hesitate, it is very easy thing to do. The only thing that is required from you is your focus otherwise you may not get the best possible result as per your expectations. To start this project you will require following supplies.
  • Contact Tape
  • Tape, you can take masking tape or painter`s tape that are easily visible as well as low-sticking
  • Marker or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Card
  • Large size scrap paper
  • Your design idea

To start implementing this project first thing that is required on your part is an idea that you wanted to convert as DIY wall decal. You can choose whatever design, painting, picture or any other thing to be converted as wall decal. Once you have the idea in mind then you should take a piece of contact paper and hold it firmly against the wall. Then you should peel it back up. You can use the plastic card for pressing it against the wall. Next thing is to draw your idea as sketch on scrap paper and then trace that sketch onto the contact paper with pencil or marker. After drawing the sketch on contact paper you need to cut the contact paper with the help of scissors.

  • Now the last thing that you have to do is to put that contact paper against the wall again. Make sure to press it from center with plastic card so that there will be no bubbles and your design is copied properly on to the wall. With this you are done with your DIY wall decal. Following the same pattern you can make as many as you want.

If you like cooking and interested in making new thing for your family, then you will surely have lots of utensils in your kitchen. If this is the case as most of the ladies have, then you will also need some utensil holders which can help you in keeping different utensils organized. There are several DIY utensil holder projects that you can easily do it yourself. Some of those ideas are as follow:
  • You may have a copper pipe laying vacant in your store. Why don`t you bring it to work. Like you can make a copper pipe rack which will be very much useful for hanging utensils as well as planters, skillets, pots and many other things. It will also add a great attractive look to your kitchen.
  • If you don`t like copper pipe rack idea, you can go for a wooden rack with the help of PVC pipes. You can spray paint the pipes and attach these to wooden stand. This can help you in organizing a lot of kitchen items delicately.
  • Pegboard comes next in the list of DIY utensil holder projects. This is one of the easiest yet very utility idea as it can hold and accommodate many things from your kitchen. The only thing that is required for building this project successfully is S shaped hooks which will be used for hanging utensils. You can make it quickly within no time as compare to other projects.
  • Another DIY utensil holder project is to use old tin cans for storing or holding different kitchen necessities. You just have to take some old tin cans, wash and then paint them with your favorite colors and start putting kitchen utensils in them. It can also be a low cost decoration items for your kitchen.

Tree swing is one of the things that every one of us may have enjoyed during our childhood. But it is not only limited to childhood, if you are an adult and you wanted to enjoy tree swing, it is perfectly fine. You can do so. Especially if you have a large tree in your garden then it is perfect for making DIY tree swing which can be enjoyed during summers. The only other thing required than large tree is your creativity. You can make some beautiful swings by using some reclaimed material.

Old Tire Tree Swing

If you are replacing your car tires then why don`t you use these for making tree swing. For this you just have to paint the tires in beautiful colors of your own choice. After painting the tires, you need to hang it with the help of a strong rope. The rope should be tied with to any tall branch of tree and enjoy tree swing.

Tree Swing with wood

Another easy option for DIY tree swing is to make it with the help of rope and wood pallet. You can cut down the wood pallet in shape of wooden seat and then hang it with ropes from tree. You should select the tree branch carefully so that you can enjoy safe swing.

Pillow Tree Swing

If you looking for a comfortable tree swing then there is no better option than to make it with the help of pillow. You can take a pillow old or new depending on you, just tie it firmly with rope from both ends and then hang the rope onto tree. It will give you nice comfortable DIY tree swing. You should select a strong rope and large tree branch so that it can easily bear the weight of those who wanted to take swing.

All those who love to involve themselves in different DIY activities won`t like to sit free on weekends. So if you are one of those and looking for some new project then why don`t you go for DIY tree house. It is surely one of the best projects that can be done by you on this weekend. If you have a large garden tree, it will be perfect for making a tree house on it. The only thing you then require is a workable tree house plan. For this you don`t have to worry a lot as you can find it easily from the online sources. These tree houses can be made in different styles and designs, the best of which can be a play house for your children in the sky.

When you start looking for DIY tree house plans online, you must have something in your mind like what you want to make. Are you looking for a tree house for your children to play or you are thinking it as a place where you can have your evening tea. This can help you in deciding the plan easily. You will then look for the similar plans as per your requirement. You will find different plans online but make sure that whatever plan you choose you should follow it properly. Further you must also have the required material and tools with you before starting the project.

You will find the instructions as well as tools requirement from website, note that and arrange these otherwise you may face difficulties in executing the project. This will waste both your money and time. When you are staring DIY tree house make sure you follow the steps and instructions as they are mentioned so that you can get the best result as per your requirements.

If you are having one or two kids of small age where they love to play with toys then you may agree that they love to create mess with their toys by throwing them wherever they want. They left their toys where they have played and keeping them organized is a big task. So if you are also looking for some DIY toy storage solutions, then there are options that may help you.

Under Couch Drawers

One of the easy options for toy storage is to store them under couch. You can make drawers under your couch and ask your kids to store their toys in these drawers. You can make these drawers easily and it will also serve your purpose to the fullest.

Curtain covered Bookracks

Another solution is to use your bookracks as toy storage. If you have an old bookrack that is not under your usage, then why don`t you use it for your benefit. You just have to bring it out make some changes and repair. With this you will easily find a beautiful cost effective DIY toy storage solution. You can also hang a curtain in front with the help of curtain rod to hide all the mess if you want.

Flower Planter Storage

Do you have some flower planters that are currently not under your use? If this is so, then why don`t you convert the same into DIY toy storage solution. You just have to paint them with different colors to make them look beautiful. You can place them wherever you want and ask your kids to store their toys in them after playing.
These are few easy ideas that can be really helpful for you in selecting the best toy storage solution for your kids so they don`t create any sort of mess with their toys.

Toilet paper holder is one of the basic necessity of every bathroom. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, you need to have a toilet paper holder that can be used for holding as well as storing toilet paper. There must be something that can keep hold of some extra toilet paper rolls which can be used at the time of need. There are different options available but now day’s people prefer to have customized toilet paper holder. So if you are also looking for a DIY toilet paper holder idea that you can make on your own, following are some suggestions that can help you.

Sink Side Cabinet

If you are one of those who can use the wood working tools and has interest in DIY activities, then making a sink side cabinet will be a good option. You can make the cabinet with reclaimed wood that may be available in your store room.

Wall Mounted Wire Basket

One of the easiest option for DIY toilet paper holder is to use wall mounted baskets. They have their own charm and style and provide an attractive interesting look. You just have to get a basket and hang it on to your bathroom wall.

Square Floating Bathroom Shelf

Another project that cannot only add storage facility for your toilet paper roll but will add to its décor is to make a square floating bathroom shelf. You can make it at your arms reach anywhere in your bathroom, so that when you need to get something of it you can get it easily. If you can use hammer and saw well then making this DIY toilet paper roll will not be a difficult thing at all. This will also not cost you much as you can make the shelf with the help of reclaimed wood pallets.

Now days if you visit different home improvement online websites, one of the ideas that they commonly share is to involve yourself in do it yourself activities. They will share with you different ideas with which you will be able to decorate or renovate your house on your own. Mostly they share such ideas that are very cost effective as the material used in these projects can be easily available from store or you can also use reclaimed material from your own house. So if you haven`t tried any such idea and you are looking for one to start with, then try DIY string art animals design. It will not only add decorative touch to your home but will also be done easily.

To make beautiful animal string art, first of all you have to get the animal sketches. You can get the print the picture or sketch of your favorite animals that you wanted to make string art. After getting the sketch you have to place it on wall, and start putting the nails on the picture to get it on the wall. You can put nails after every inch to make sure that you are getting it right. Hammering the nail for DIY string art animal’s project is one of the most important thing. If you will be able to hammer the nails perfectly you will be able to get good results at the end. While hammering make sure that you left at least half inch nail outside to tie strings.

When you are done with hammering job now you can remove the paper and start tying colorful strings to make a beautiful DIY string art animal. You should start from first nail and go to the end and by putting string knot at first and last nail so that string cannot get slipped away.